Elephas maxima asurus Tyrannosaurus rex Phoenicopterus roseus
Original skeleton of a Syrian elephant (Elephas maxima asurus), which lived 3 million -2000 years ago. The material was found in Kahramanmaraş. Dimensions; 5 m in lenght and 4 m in height.
Tyrannosaurus rex, being the most characteristic material of Natural History Museums, was made in original dimensions (12 m in lenght and 5 m in height) in polyester. Dinosaur skeleton construction was supported by Ahmet Piriştina; the mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
Greater flamingo; the most abundant and the popular bird species of Izmir Bird Paradise. The species is classified as endangered according to the Turkish Redlistcriteria.
Eupachydiscus levyi Human footprint Panthere pardus tulliana Physeter catadon
A Cephalopod fossil, founded in Zonguldak, which lived 75 million years ago.
A 10.000 years old human footprint sample formed on a volcanic rock found in Salihli (MANİSA)
Anatolian panthers; The museum has Anatolian panthers which were killed by hunters in 50 years ago in Selçuk District in Izmir.
The skeleton of the first found toothed-whale of Turkey which found 36 years ago in Ceyhan River’s Delta of Adana. Dimensions: 12 m in length and 2 m in height.