Elephas maxima asurus Tyrannosaurus rex
Original skeleton of a Syrian elephant (Elephas maxima asurus), which lived 3 million -2000 years ago. The material was found in Kahramanmaraş. Dimensions; 5 m in lenght and 4 m in height. Tyrannosaurus rex, being the most characteristic material of Natural History Museums, was made in original dimensions (12 m in lenght and 5 m in height) in polyester. Dinosaur skeleton construction was supported by Ahmet Piriştina; the mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
Phoenicopterus roseus Eupachydiscus levyi
Greater flamingo; the most abundant and the popular bird species of Izmir Bird Paradise. The species is classified as endangered according to the Turkish Redlistcriteria. A Cephalopod fossil, founded in Zonguldak, which lived 75 million years ago.
Human foodprint Panthere pardus tulliana Physeter catadon
A 10.000 years old human footprint sample formed on a volcanic rock found in Salihli (MANİSA) Anatolian panthers; The museum has Anatolian panthers which were killed by hunters in 50 years ago in Selçuk District in Izmir. The skeleton of the first found toothed-whale of Turkey which found 36 years ago in Ceyhan River’s Delta of Adana. Dimensions: 12 m in length and 2 m in